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Multinick 18


  • New Polyurethane Resin Technology from Ashaway Yields Squash String Designed for Players Who Like to Cut and Spin the Ball


    The MultiNick 18 is a new addition to the product line. This multiflament nylon string utilizes a unique polyurethane coating that bonds a sheath of high tenacity multiflament nylon fbers together in a durable and resilient matrix. A professional string with the perfect balance of power and control. 

    — Proprietary Nylon/PU matrix adds toughness, durability and grip, maintains soft nylon feel

     Ashaway’s MultiNick 18 strings are designed for both professional and amateur players who seek feel, durability and toughness at all levels of play.

    The key difference with Ashaway’s polyurethane technology, is the matrix design. With other multifilament nylon strings, like Ashaway’s popular SuperNick® XL line, the core and outer wear layer elements remain separate, and retain some ability to move relative to one another. The PU resin in the new MultiNick string binds the multifilament sheath and surface into a single unitized matrix. The natural adhesive properties of the polyurethane surface add grip, while the string retains its soft feel, comfortable playability and ability to control the ball.


    • High tenacity multifilament nylon core
    • Unique PU coating offering superior durability and toughness
    • Enhanced feel and ball control 
    • 18 gauge maximises the ability to cut and spin the ball