Goode Sport

SuperNick ZX

[ A Textured Surface for Optimum Control ]

  • Overview

    NEW SuperNick ZX - Precise Touch, Maintains Tension

    After more than one year in development, this new string combines the best features of the legendary SuperNick XL product line with the dynamic characteristics of Zyex fibres. The string is hi-visibility orange in colour for easy identification on the court.



    • Multifilament nylon core
    • ZX wear layer with Zyex® filaments
    • Textured surface


    • Multifilament nylon core provides optimum feel of the ball and precise touch
    • ZX wear layer increases durability and maintains tension
    • Textured surface increases ball control and maximises spin potential


    • For players looking for precise touch and excellent feel of the ball
    • For players requiring superior durability and tension maintenance in a SuperNick string
    • For players looking for increased ability to control and add spin to the ball


    • Up to 40lb (18 kgs)