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Cobra Elite




    Now updated with the ultra-tough Meta carbon graphite, the New Cobra Elite is the best performing Racquetball racket ever produced. 


    Strung with our elite, Ultrakill 17 string, and featuring the upgraded carbon graphite, this frame will allow the player to unleash their full power, and not be hindered by vibrations in the handle. 


    The Cobra SQ57 is designed for Racquetball/Squash 57 Advanced Club and League level players. This racket is the easiest to use of the New Ashaway Racquetball series. With its classic string pattern and pre strung in Ashaway’s UltraKill 17 Racquetball string, this racket is fantastic for those players looking for control and feel on every shot. The softness of UltraKill 17 string, really compliments this frame.

    At 155g this is a popular weight with players and even with its oversize head shape, the balance of the racket is well distributed. The frame is made from the highest grade graphite (40Tonne Japanese Carbon) to make sure its owner feels at ease with its reliability and durability.



    • OverSize Head
    • 16 x 19 String Pattern
    • Classic String Pattern
    • Easy Pick up and Lift
    • 40 Tonne Japanese Carbon Graphite (Highest Grade Graphite)
    • Designed for Raquetball/Squash 57 Advanced League and Club Players
    • Pre Strung with Ashaway Premium Racquetball String – UltraKill 17 1.25 Gauge
    • Control Racket for Feel and Touch
    • Soft Reactive Premium Ashaway String to Reflect Control Racket
    • Weight 155g