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Superlight 11 Hex


  • Overview

    Its finally here, the New SuperLight 11 Hex frame. The unique Hex Technology is maintained in this 3rd series racket after the extremely popular Superlight 7 & 10 Hex models. The hexagonal shape of the graphite increases aerodynamics, yet still allows the frame to keep its slim profile and maintain strength. The Nano Carbon Graphite in this frame enables a higher tension than other superlight frames so that the control can be increased even more. As stated previously, the racket head cross section is a hexagon rather than a standard oval or box shape, which allows the racket to be slimmer, whilst still maintaining the strength needed for tournament tensions

    This 5U racket is extremely light and very easy to use. The Superlight 11 Hex is one of Ashaway’s premium Superlight frame for the players looking to gain an extremely fast racket head speed on both defensive and attacking shots. This will be a very popular model for both adults and juniors looking for a lightweight racket that performs in those attacking situations, especially on the doubles court.

    The SuperLight 11 comes pre strung in Ashaway Zymax 69 Fire white and is gripped with Ashaway’s white Super Grip. This racket also comes with a full length Ashaway cover for added protection.



    • Balance: 300mm - Head Heavy
    • Flex: Med/Stiff
    • Weight:78g - 5U
    • Frame: High Modulus Carbon Graphite

    Stringing Specifications 

    • Recommended Stringing Tension: 23-30lbs 
    • String: Zymax 69 Fire White