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Volkl Super G Technology

Volkl introduces all new 'SUPER G' Technology

Super G Grommet System 

The all new 'Super G' system combines speed grommets which allow strings to move in all possible directions with V-Sponse material, which increases the "spring effect". The result is a grommet system that provides exceptional dampening and energy transfer. 


An exclusive Volkl Patented grommet and grip dampening material and technology story. 

V-Sponse explained:

  • Is a visco-elastic polymeric material, similar to sorbathane, now used in our patented SUPER Grommet and bio-feel grip dampening pin
  • Is more flexible than our standard grommet and pin material (+20%)
  • Provides additional dampening to the bio-feel grip pin
  • Generates an increased “spring effect” in our grommets
  • Has the lowest energy loss factor of all thermoplastic elastomers
  • Provides the best dampening & energy return


RED Translucent (soft pin – 7.72 cm) used in models 1 – 4 (Maximum Shock and Vibration dampening)

YELLOW Translucent (firm pin – 7.72 cm) used in models 5 – 8 (Balanced shock and vibration dampening with feel)

BLACK Opaque (hard pin – 3.81 cm) used in models 9 – 10 (Maximum feel, with some shock absorption)