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New Volkl V-Cell

The next generation of Volkl tennis rackets...




Constructed with the highest level of cellulose based black 3D carbon developed by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany which is exclusive to Volkl Tennis, the V-Cell frames have been designed with the following characteristics compared to High modulus carbon:


  • Increased Strength

  • Longer lasting

  • More resilient

  • Improved playability

  • Higher frequency

  • Less fatigue


The following frames have been released in Spring Summer 2020 (available from 20th July) :


  • V-Cell 4

  • V-Cell 6

  • V-Cell 8 (285g, 300g & 315g)

  • V-Cell 9


The rest of the V-Feel range will be updated by 2022. 


Full specs for each of the frames can be found below,