Goode Sport

New Product Launches

May has been a busy month!

May has brought us an exicitng array of new products to share with you. Not only do we have a fantastic (and revolutionary) new Volkl tennis string, we also have a new addition to the popular Ashaway Squash racket range, We can also give you a sneak preview to what is coming in the months ahead...   



V-Square Tennis String - We are excited about this one! Not only does it come with a catchy tag line, but it is also Volkl's first square tennis string. What does this mean? It means that the spin level is off the charts! This is due to the rigidity and sharpness of the 4 square sides. More info here



Venom X-Flash Squash Racket - This one is a beauty! Not only does it have a beautiful matte finish, it is also equipped with an eye catching design and the orange can be seen for miles! But looks aren't everything! The Venom X-Flash comes with an Aero Slim Frame which means 30% less drag. It is also X-Fiber re-enforced, 40 Tonne Carbon Graphite is used in ‘criss-cross’ layers to give this frame extra strength and stability. More info here


Wallbanger Range and Cobra Racquetball Racket - You asked, we listened! Racquetball rackets are back to Goode Sport! The new range from Ashaway features the Wallbanger 185 and Wallbanger Lite and the Cobra SQ 57. These fantastic rackets are designed for a different style of play and are available now. More info here




We have a new range of Ashaway Badminton rackets launching for the 2019-20 season. Watch out for the Vex Striker range, coming soon! These will replace the Nano Dynamic range; graphite frames for a lesser price! 

The new season will also bring a return of a product which has taken a break in recent years... Watch this space!