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NEW Ashaway Squash String

NEW Supernick ZX string launch in the UK

Coming February 2016, the NEW Supernick ZX squash string, Ashaway’s new hi-tech squash string product.

More than one year in development, the NEW Ashaway Supernick ZX combines the best features of the legendary SuperNick XL product line with the dynamic characteristics of Zyex fibers. The string is hi-visibility orange in color for easy identication on the court. Dubbed SuperNick ZX, this new string is a hi-tech extension of the original SuperNick multifilament nylon design first introduced some 40 years ago. It's a nylon-based string with superpower, i.e., Zyex power

Ashaway's original SuperNick® -- appeared in the mid-70s. Today, despite decades of 'space age' material innovation, nylon remains the most popular string material for squash, tennis, racquetball, and badminton. Nylon is also quite versatile, providing players with a range of characteristics and is often cited for its playability and feel.

These features, combined with the different gauges available, make nylon strings like SuperNick XL the most popular choice for playability, feel, versatility and economy for singles and doubles players across the spectrum, from beginner to top pro. Matthieu Castagnet, David Palmer, John White and Adrian Waller are just a few who are thoroughly enjoying the new Supernick ZX. 

Supernick ZX provides much better tension stability and durability compared to current SuperNick XL strings, while maintaining the precise response of SuperNick’s traditional multifilament core. A textured surface on the wear layer also increases grip and maximizes ball control.

Designed for the very best squash players, SuperNick ZX will be an asset to anyone's game.


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Adrian Waller - World Number 33