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ERSA Oblivion Playtest

Here's a snippet from the test


The European Racket Stringers Association (ERSA) recently conducted a study on the Ashaway Oblivion Hybrid string; with very pleasing results. 


The string was tested in the lab, for stringing and in a playtest by 23 ERSA members in a blind test. The players received the string in unmarked packaging and used it for an average of 8.2 hours. No stringer reported of a string breakage. 

The Conclusion...


Ashaway's new Oblivion is a new way to get different playing characteristics from 2 different strings. The hybrid did what is was supposed to do, increase comfort, durability and lower shock. This string should be recommended from club players to top tournament players looking for control and comfort. Also no one played more than 13 hours with the string and no tester broke the string, so durability may be higher than in our test. 

All of the testers said they would consider adding the string to their sortiment, with a number saying they were going to add it after this test.' 


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