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Ever wanted to quite literally burn your opponents? Do you feel your play needs some added spark? Well Ashaway have teamed up with a top pyrotechnic company to allow you to do quite literally that. The all new, revolutionary Ashaway ‘Ignition’ Shuttlecock has arrived.

 Guaranteed to create added excitement to ANY badminton game, be it the All England final, a slow paced club night with ever so slightly past it players, or even just a knock about with the in-laws in the garden, this shuttle is about to change the face of badminton.

 Ashaway's Andy Wainwright  poses with Emma Smethurst (Admittedly harder to photoshop) in the flame retardant suits.


  To create such a shuttle, the specialist team imbedded pyrotechnics into the cork of the birdie, which when lit, travels over the flame retardant feathers and looks undeniably awesome while flying through the air. Of course our customer’s safety is paramount and a tube of the ignition shuttles HAS to be used with the Ashaway fire retardant suits, gloves and masks as approved by the Health and Safety Union.

 In it’s final testing period, the release of the shuttle is around the corner and with flammable court lining and nets in the pipeline, the sport of badminton is about to be set on FIRE.

So don’t feel put out anymore and get ready to turn up the heat with the Ashaway ‘IGNITION’ Shuttlecock.