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Ashaway Announces Ground Breaking Shoe Technology

Ashaway has always been dedicated to advancing racket technology to all new levels, and today are excited to announce their latest break through. The Ashaway 'Propulisifizers' (PFZ's) are set to change the shape of the badminton world with their cutting edge 'Propulisification technology' and stunning futuristic looks. 

The vast majority of racket sports footwear companies focus their research and development efforts on shock absorption and cushioning.  While this is clearly important in the manufacture of this type of footwear, it does little to help increase the vertical leap of a player. In fact, most technologies in the racket sport footwear market are in the heel area of the shoe, though jumping occurs in the forefoot. The forefoot is the most critical part of the shoe for vertical leaping and this is where the Ashaway 'Propulsification' technology is situated. 

The technology itself features a unique, beautifully shaped appendage at the end of the shoe. This design aids the player while in the action of jumping, creating an ergonmoic platform that efficiently transfers energy through the propulsion and liftoff stage, ultimately increasing vertical leap. The product has been through rigorous testing and the scientist's behind this technology believe it can increase a players jump up to 22.5%.

It goes without saying what effect The Propulsifizers will have on a players game. We believe players will opt to jump and intercept where previously they physically would not of been able to and lets not forget how devastating these new heights will be for jump smashes. You'll now be able to get the highest of contact points, enabling the steepest and most deadly of smashes other players and pros could only dream of!

The Ashaway Propulsifizers will be available and on shop shelves in time for next season, in the mean time get ready to Propulsify your rivals! 


Below: New & old - An image showing how The Propulsifizers will look against a traditional style.


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