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Viper X-treme L10


  • Overview

    The Ashaway Viper XTreme L10 is a badminton racket designed for ultimate control. This 4U, medium-stiff frame is fantastic for the Intermediate or advanced player, looking for a mid price point racket that is great for doubles or singles. Slightly lighter than the Viper XT Sub Zero, this racket is ultra-manoeuvrable and great all over the court. The slim shaft allows great racket head speed for those powerful overheads, but this racket also excels in the mid to forecourt when needing either quick defence or attacking net play.

    It also takes advantage of the Viper Alloy technology to ensure maximum precision and lower air drag. The Viper Alloy in between layers of graphite works to eliminate frame warping and increases stability under impact.  

    Strung in Ashaway’s award winning Zymax 69 Fire String.


    • Balance: 300mm
    • Flex: Med-Stiff
    • Weight: 82g
    • Frame: Hi-modulus carbon

    Stringing Specifications 

    • Recommended Stringing Tension: 24 to 28lbs 
    • String: Zymax 69 Fire White