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V-Cell 8 315g




    The V-Cell 8 315g, evolves from the V-Feel 8 315g, encorporating double the amount of V-Cell material of its predecessor


    V-Cell material is a highly advance cellulose based carbon material engineered and produced by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. It is exclusively available in Volkl Tennis Rackets and provides additonal strength without weight and has far more resiliance to stress and dynamic properties than the regular high modulus carbon found in most premium tennis rackets. It is Volkl's 'Special Sauce'.


    V-Cell material is now present at 12, 6, 3 and 9 o'clock around the frame and now inside and outside of the shaft. 


    The NEW Volkl V-Cell 8 315g is designed for the aggressive striker looking to outplay their opponents with pace and spin, the V-Feel 8 model 315 packs quite the punch as the heaviest of the 8 models.




    • Grip Size: 1-4
    • Head Size: 645cm²/100in²
    • Cross Section: 22-24-22mm
    • Weight: 315g/11.1oz
    • Length: 68.5m/27in
    • Balance: 31.5cm/1.1in HL
    • String Pattern: 16x18PCP
    • String Tension: 25(±2)kp / 55(±5)lbs


    V-Cell Technology

    V-Cell is the next generation of Volkl frames, evolved from V-Feel.


    V-Cell is a highly advanced cellulose based carbon material that has been engineered and produced by the Fraunhaufer Institute in Germany and sold exclusively to Volkl Tennis for use in Tennis Rackets.


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