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V-Cell 10 Junior 26"


  • Overview

    The V-Cell 10 Junior 26” is a high performance, carbon-fibre composite racket, with many of the same features as Volkl’s adult rackets. This gives not only playability but also a comfortable performance, enabling young players to train hard with less fatigue. It comes strung with high quality synthetic gut in neon orange so the V-Cell 10 Junior 26” looks as good as it plays.

    The V-Cell 10 Junior 26” features V-Cell material in key locations, REVA, VTEX, Super Grommets and the V-Sensor Handle System. It weighs 250g / 8.8oz, has a 630cm² / 98in² head, 23mm beam with a 66cm / 26in length and a 32cm / 0.4in head light balance. It has a 16x19 string pattern and comes in grip size 0.

    The V-Cell 10 Junior 26” gives performance and spin potential in a light weight and maneuverable package, with legendary Volkl feel for players to train harder and longer with less risk of injury. 



    • Grip Size: 0
    • Head Size: 630cm²/98in²
    • Cross Section: 23mm
    • Weight: 250g/8.8oz
    • Length: 66cm/26in
    • Balance: 32cm/0.4in HL
    • String Pattern: 16x19 PCP


    V-Cell Technology

    V-Cell is the next generation of Volkl frames, evolved from V-Feel.


    V-Cell is a highly advanced cellulose based carbon material that has been engineered and produced by the Fraunhaufer Institute in Germany and sold exclusively to Volkl Tennis for use in Tennis Rackets.


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