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Superkill XL

[ Soft feel superior resilience ]

  • Overview

    Ashaway Supernick XL original is the best selling squash string in the world

    Powerful and durable with a fantastic feel - It is used at the very highest level of the game.

    Nylon multifilament core and unique braided surface offers all players superb feel and durability.

    • Available in 110m reel (12 re-strings) or 9m set (1 re-string) 
    • Colour - patented white with blue and red XL crosses.
    • Tension up to 42 lbs

    Supernick XL is 1.25mm in diameter for superior resilience and feel of the ball. Multifilament nylon core and textured surface increases ball control and spin characteristics. 

    Used by top professional and amateur players looking for improved feel and control of the ball