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Powernick 18

[ Maximum power maintains tension ]

  • Overview

    Ashaway PowerNick strings feature a monofilament Zyex core. Encapsulated with a high tenacity nylon monofilament surface.

    Ashaway PowerNick 18 is the string of choice for many world class players:

    Nick Matthew 

    Joelle King
    Diego Elias 

    Ashaway recommends PowerNick 18 strung at 25-27 lbs.

    • Diameter - 1.15mm (18 Guage)
    • Available in 110m reel (up 12 re-strings) or 9m set (1 re-string)
    • Supplied in Power Red or Silver.

    Ashaway Powernick 18 is 1.15mm in diameter for optimum and power and resilience. The textured surface and thicker diameter combine to ensure maximum durability and spin performance for the life of the string.