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Powerkill 115 Meta




    The NEW Ashaway PowerKill 115 META is the latest META series racket after the PowerKill META XBC & META ZX. The META 115 has been tweaked to produce a small but hugely noticeable upgrade on the popular PowerKill 115ZX. The META graphite in this new frame increases playability, as the graphite in the frame reduces vibrations by 25%, as well as increasing strength and durability in the head of the racket across the 10 and 2 o’clock regions.

    The PowerKill META 115 also comes with Ashaway’s Worldwide bestselling string SUPERNICK XL. This frame features an open throat design for power hitters also looking for a lightweight manoeuvrable racket.


    ASHAWAY META – META is a natural material that is added into the graphite to produce a stronger, tougher frame. This natural material acts as a shock absorber to reduce vibrations and increase comfort.



    • Weight: 115g
    • Balance: 365mm
    • Headsize: 490cm²
    • Recommended Tension: 25lbs-30lbs