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Phantom Helix NWP


  • Overview

    The Phantom Helix NWP MAX is the latest racket in the popular Ashaway Phantom range. The latest Japanese carbon graphite and our Phantom Airflow system is developed into this latest model, which is the more powerful, heavier upgrade of the popular Phantom Helix. The Helix Weave is integrated all the way round the head on this racket and again, makes this racket one of the best looking in the Phantom range.

    The Helix Weave has been tested at maximum temperatures and pressures to ensure this racket keeps its slim profile but highest quality and strength for those players that enjoy using a high tension string. A stiffer shaft and slightly heavier frame means this racket is suited to advanced players looking to get the most control and power out of a Phantom racket and make the most of solid technique overhead.

    Strung in Ashaway’s award winning Zymax 69 Fire.




    • Balance: 288 (Even-Head Heavy)
    • Flex: Stiff
    • Weight: 85+-87gg
    • Frame: 40Tonne Hi-Modulus Carbon Graphite

    Stringing Specifications 

    • Recommended Stringing Tension: 24 to 30lbs 
    • String: Zymax 69 Fire White