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NanoQube SLe




    The Ashaway NanoQube Superlight is the sister of the NanoQube X1 and together, make up the new NanoQube racket range. The new Qubatech profile corrects racket head orientation during swing, for a clean/crisp impact.

    The new Nanoqube ‘e’ range features an update to the cosmetic using ‘enviropaint’, an improved and more eco-friendly paint application. The rackets remain the same in the specification, but now have a more sustainable and economically friendly cosmetic. 

    The lighter of the two in the range, the NanoQube Superlight weighs in at just 79g and has been finished in a striking electric blue chrome.  



    • Balance: 300mm (Head Heavy)
    • Flex: Medium
    • Weight: 79g
    • Frame: 40 Tonne High Modulus Carbon


    Stringing Specification

    • Recommended Stringing Tension: 24-28lbs

    • String: ZyMax 69 Fire Black