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Monogut ZX

[ 100% Zyex MonoFilament Technology ]

  • Overview

    Ashaway MonoGut ZX is a 100% Zyex monofilament tennis string that provides exceptional dynamic stiffness and gut-like playability

    Material - 100% Zyex® Monofilament
    Gauge - 16 (1.27mm)
    Stringing tension - Up to 60 lbs (27.5 kgs)

    Use 10-15% less tension than traditional nylon tennis racket strings

    No polyester additives:
    absence of polyester increases elongation and decreases stiffness

    Superior Durability:
    monofilament construction insures superior durability

    • Available in Natural
    • Available in 110m reel or 12m set

    This string is an all round great performer and boasts a gut like playability and exceptional Dynamic Stiffness