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Black Rose A22


  • Overview

    The DIABLO BLACK ROSE is a new model of the brand with features very similar to the DIABLO, with the FACETENSE drilling system, to offer an increase in power. Thanks to its construction, design and manufacturing, it is one of the best models of the brand and the world.

    It has a teardrop shape with a high balance, and incorporates a unique protector on the frame that covers the entire side for total protection. 

    This new model is designed for advanced players and an offensive style of play, without losing control in hitting. Apart from offering an important balance, it provides the maximum technology on the market in its manufacturing. With the third carbon blade, the player is offered a plus of power and control in all his shots. With 600 mK, this Akkeron model is positioned as one of the brand's jewels.

    It incorporates the innovative GRAPHENE INSIDE, LEGACY, POWER BOOSTING LAYER and PRESSEND PLANES systems.  

    The type of EVA BLACK SOFT RUBBER, is a black rubber of intermediate hardness, also with great recovery capacity, with more ball output than the SOFT but with a similar touch, its special development and manufacturing by layers allows us to guarantee 99% of equal touch in all parts of the plane, expanding the sweet spot of the racket.

    The REINFORCED TUBES System throughout the frame strengthens against impacts and distributes weight in a unique way.


    • Type of Player: Pro/High
    • Level: High
    • Type of Game: Control/Power
    • Shape: Teardrop
    • Weight: 340-370 Gr
    • Frame: Carbon
    • Core: Black Soft Eva Rubber
    • Face: 3 sheets Carbon 3k
    • Composition: 600 Mk

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