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Bird 3 Shuttlecocks - 10 Dozen

[ 10 Dozen Shuttlecocks ]

  • ENdorsement by Gail Emms and Nick Ponting 


    1 DOZEN = 2 Tubes of 6 shuttlecocks = £23.95

    10 DOZEN = 20 Tubes of 6 shuttlecocks = £229.50

    Saving of £1.00 per dozen 


    Bird3 - 16 years of research and development, we believe, this is the future of shuttlecocks.


    The new Bird 3 is the latest innovation, developed from the Bird 2. Changes have been made on the improvement of both flight and feel of the shuttle. Never before has a nylon felt and flown so much like a feather shuttlecock. 

    • Weights – These are now exactly in line with feather shuttlecocks and can therefore be referred to the same as feathers with regard to speed:
      • 76 (grains) / 4.93 grams
      • 77 (grains) / 5.00 grams
      • 78 (grains) / 5.07 grams
    • Although the Bird3 is actually lighter than Bird2, it feels heavier when hit (more like a feather) due to the increased air resistance. The medium speed (77 gram) is 5.0 grams, whereas standard nylon shuttles are heavier, ranging from 5.2 to 5.5 grams. 
    • Bird3 is very different from standard one-piece nylon shuttlecocks. The design of the cage (the dark part) at the bottom has been improved to alter the vortex speed within the shuttle as the shuttle moves through the air. This increases baffle and gives the feeling of real weight.
    • The weight changes and increased air resistance means the shuttle performs noticeably better than Bird 2,
    • One of the big differences in the development of Bird3 is the performance on net shots. This is noticeably better than Bird 2 on net play. 



    • 10 dozen shuttlecocks 
    • Slow, Medium or Fast speed (76, 77 + 78)
    • Manufactured in the UK