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Graphene Inside: Our R&D team has developed a new technology that it has incorporated into this new Cobra 21 collection. With Graphene Inside technology and the tests submitted to our material, we have obtained a 20% higher performance in power, elasticity and durability. This innovative technology together with our Legacy manufacturing system is the perfect combination to further distance ourselves from the rest of the brands in the sector.


Legacy System: It incorporates the new manufacturing system that fuses all the layers into one and makes the performance improve up to 50%. In a traditional manufacture between the layers there are accumulations of resin and/or air that make the different layers are not joined, which is why there are more breaks, vibrations and they do not achieve an effectiveness greater than 60%. With this system we manage to exceed 95% of effectiveness.


Power Boosting Layer (PBL): New technology developed by Akkeron in which the treatment of the last layer achieves greater hitting power.


Face Tense System: With this system we have wanted to cause an extra tension to the plane by strategically eliminating holes so that the plane creates a tension in the area of most impacts. The first technology for padel rackets that combines a succession of drills with precision and sense to offer the ultimate balance between power and control. Its revolutionary design, based on a completely new aerodynamic engineering process, also offers maximum stability with weight and increased power, which helps all levels to improve their game. The difference with respect to a blade that does not have it is important since this system provides an extra power derived from the tension of the plane, this combined with the design of our SOFT rubbers totally eliminates vibrations.


Carbon: Carbon fiber is a composite material, made up mainly of carbon. It has mechanical properties similar to steel and is as light as wood or plastic. Due to its hardness, it has less resistance to impact than steel. Like fiberglass, it is a common case of metonymy, in which the whole is given the name of a part, in this case the name of the fibers that reinforce it. Each carbon filament is the union of many thousands of carbon fibers. A filament is a thin tube with a diameter of 5–8 micrometers and consists mainly of carbon, hence it is also said that it is composed of carbon nanotubes. The atomic structure of carbon fiber is similar to that of graphite, consisting of sheets of carbon atoms arranged in a regular hexagonal pattern. The difference lies in the way these leaves intersect. Graphite is a crystalline material where the sheets are placed parallel to each other in a regular way. The chemical bonds between the sheets are relatively weak, giving graphite its characteristic softness and luster. Carbon fiber is an amorphous material: the sheets of carbon atoms are haphazardly foliated, or tight, together. This integrates the sheets, preventing their shifting between layers and greatly increasing their resistance. In addition, the variant with exposed carbon is presented, which visually improves the blade and manages to improve some of the characteristics of the unexposed carbon.


EVA rubber: this year there are 3 types of eva rubber (solft, black soft and hard). SOFT is an ultra-soft white rubber with high recovery capacity and great ball output. The BLACK SOFT is a black rubber of intermediate hardness, also with great recovery capacity, more ball output than the SOFT but with a similar touch. The HARD is a new hard rubber, it gives more power than the previous ones but the timing is lower than the previous ones.


Made in Spain: All our paddle rackets are manufactured in Akkeron's own factory in Velilla de San Antonio (Madrid). With spectacular designs and different from any current model, their collections have always had their own name and designation of origin. While the majority of current brands are committed to importing product from Asian and Argentine markets, Akkeron are committed to a 100% Spanish product, and competing with these markets with technology and innovations. They do not simply sell a product, they think about it, design, develop, manufacture and market it. The Akkeron R&D, design and development department have come together to reinvent all the processes, products used and designs from scratch, in order to compete with the rest of the brands that are dedicated to importing. They have restructured our factory, with a new update phase focused on the final finish of the product, giving it a unique and personal touch, and again ahead of the rest of the brands. The rackets are manufactured with either Spanish products or imported from the European Union, and the entire process is controlled, thus achieving the highest manufacturing standards, resulting in a product of the highest quality.