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'The Bird' Shuttlecock

Unlike any shuttle in the world

Introducing our new and innovative plastic shuttle, exclusive to Ashaway. With 16 years of research and development behind it we believe this is the future of shuttlecocks.


Bird2 Shuttlecock Trial Pack 

Although still a plastic shuttle, the unique patented 2 piece design sets it apart from other nylon shuttles, just one of many features that leads to a far more feather like performance. As a result of it's unique design the Bird offers three times the rigidity of standard plastics meaning it won't collapse on impact and gives more feel on the racket face. You'll also notice a big difference in the sound made when hitting smashes and clears.

Comparison of rigidity against traditional plastic
Another feather like feature of the Bird is the flight parabola (peak and drop). It has a far more stable flight with quicker righting. This translates to net shots too, where The Bird will perform a much slower and lower bounce than that of a standard plastic, making play more realistic to a feather.

Unlike a feather, The Bird's solid construction will keep it's speed consistent throughout it's life. This sturdiness is a result of the shuttle's turbine flutes being moulded rather than pressed. This added sturdiness results in a longer, more consistent shuttle life than a feather. 

Although feather shuttles will always be most players preference, the ongoing problems with production costs and bird flu means badminton as a sport, needs to think of an alternative. 
The Bird we believe, is it.

The Bird is available in the UK only and is purchasable from Central Sports.