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Black Knight Unveil New Racket

Black Knight's New Mercury TC

Here's a look at one of our new rackets set to be launched this year. The Mercury TC is a lightweight frame that offers fantastic power and control and like other rackets in our range, uses Thermal Core Technology.


Thermal Core Technology  heats the racquet core to a higher temperature during the curing phase, so that the racquet structure is cured uniformly inside and out. This TCT modification to the carbon fibres makes the frame extremely responsive – stiff yet playing with the reactive properties of a more flexible frame. The resulting hit is the best of both worlds – the control of a very stiff frame with the power of a more flexible frame.



  • Weight (g): 125
  • Dynamic Weight: 125
  • Hitting Area cm2: 472
  • Ridigity (/100): 89
  • Swing Speed (/10): 9.3
  • Power (/10): 8
  • Control (/10): 9 
  • String: SuperNick XL MicroLegend