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Phantom X-Speed


  • Overview 

    Intoducing the highly anticipated NEW Ashaway Phantom X-Speed. The flagship model in the current Ashaway badminton range, forming half of the Phantom series.

    It has a modern, striking, eye-catching design with a smooth matt finish unlike other rackets on the market.

    Developed with the new Phantom Airflow System, the racket frame is thinner at the top so it is able to glide through the air with maximum speed.

    The Ashaway Phantom X-Speed is ultra slim and lightweight; ideally for the more powerful player.

    Compared to its sister racket in the range, the Ashaway Phantom X-Speed is lighter and more flexible.  



    • Balance: – 287mm (Mid/Head Heavy)
    • Flex: – Stiff
    • Weight: – 84g
    • Frame: Nano Carbon/High Modulus Graphite
    • Head: Phantom AirFlow


    Stringing Information

    •  Recommended Stringing Tension: 24lbs to 30lbs 
    • String: Zymax 70