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Hex Maverick


  • Hex Maverick – Daryl Selby Signature



    The unique hexagonal cross-section throughout the frame dramatically increases frame strength. This is due to the hexagonal shape of the frame meaning that contact with the wall should now heavily reduce shock and vibrations so the frame is much less likely to suffer any damage.


    The Hex Maverick also features Black Knight’s Thermal Core technology and will be available with Ashaway’s Zyex Core String – UltraNick 18 – The choice of Daryl Selby



    BK’s Thermal Core technology (TC) in which the racket is pressurized with superheated air while it is being cured in the ovens. This allows for a uniform curing process inside the frame and out for greater durability and a more responsive hit. 16K fibres, the highest standard of graphite available -16,000 individual strands woven together for more structural strength.


    An excellent choice for those players looking for ultimate control, fast swinging reflex shots and great durability due to the Hex Technology shape in the graphite of this racket.



    • Frame: Hex Frame, BK’s Thermal Core technology (TC), xtreme Modulus Graphite (XMG), Rad Cushion grip
    • String: Ultranick 18 
    • String Tension: 25-29 lbs
    • Rigidity (RF): 90 stiff
    • AFW: 130g
    • DW: 120
    • Balance: Head Light
    • Area: 490