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TCX 70 Slim


  • Online Exclusive


    Total Carbon Xtraction 


    The Ashaway Total Carbon Xtraction procedure to refine carbon from its raw form is extremely efficient in the removal of impurities such as water and pollutants. The TCX procedure produces rackets made of the finest carbon which is ultra stiff and of superior strength.


    The NEW Online Exclusive TCX 70 Slim is designed for speed and is an ideal racket for a doubles player. It is midweight, light and manoeuverable, making it travel quicker through the air. 


    If you are looking for quick reaction from your racket, this frame will be right for you. 


    It makes up part of the TCX series along with the TCX 100 Power and TCX 80 Pro 




    • Balance: 283mm
    • Flex: Med/Stiff
    • Weight: 82g
    • Frame: TCX Frame
    • Head Shape: SQ
    • Suitable For: Speed
    • Slim frame


    Stringing Information

    • Recommended Stringing Tension: 22lbs-28lbs 
    • String: ZyMax 70