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PC-V45 Power Channel


  • Overview

    The Black Knight Power Channel V45 has a groove in the head, creating a larger string surface without increasing head size. This combined with Vibra Plate Technology which stiffens the head against torsion on impact and increases the transmission of power. The result: an exceptionally solid hit with excellent control on off-center shots, and outstanding performance for power hitters.



    Frame: HMG, C4. Competition Grip handle, with Power Channel and VibraPlate
    String: ZyMax
    String Tension: 18-24 lbs
    Rigidity (RF): 84 Medium
    AFW: 87g
    Area: 362
    Balance: Head light
    Reaction Speed:
    Overall length: 67 cm.
    Designed for: Advanced club players to tournament level
    Characteristics: Power Channel and Vibra Plate combine for great overall performance