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MaxForce 970


  • Overview

    The Black Knight MaxForce 970 is both light and flexible, but with the balance towards the head to generate a lot of sweet spot momentum for less powerful players. Well suited to singles, it is light enough to be excellent for very fast defensive play, and hits with great force for an attacking doubles player. 



    ESP frame geometry augments acceleration for faster response times and higher impact speeds. Thermal Core technology ensures a consistent playing response and complements the 16K Hyper Tensile fibre to allow high stringing tensions. Recommended for advanced to international level players, the MaxForce plays best at high tensions matching the players’ levels: 
    Advanced: 21-25; Expert: 24-29; Pro : 28-36.

    String : Crossfibre
    Recommended Tension : Advanced: 21-25; Expert: 24-29; Pro: 28-36 lbs
    Total Length : 68 cm
    Rigidity Index : 85
    Avg. Frame Weight : 85 g
    String Area : 358 cm2


    Powerful and explosive, delicate and controlled: badminton challenges the athlete to play with power, speed and subtle control. The best racquets are extensions of the player and elevate his best to an even higher level. 
    MaxForce racquets from Black Knight complement and supplement the best a player can offer, with a highly reactive construction that maximizes the transfer of energy to the shuttle, yet allows the athlete to play the delicate shots with fingertip control. 

    Pick up the pace with a string tension as high as 36 lbs, depending on your level. Slice through the air with an ESP frame geometry. Blast the shuttle with a mix of Thermal Core technology and 16K Hyper Tensile fibres. Go as far as you think you can in badminton, and then go beyond.

    The MaxForce 930, 950 and 970 play best at high tensions matching the players’ levels: Advanced: 21-25 (with Ashaway ZyMax 62, 65 or 67); Expert: 24-29 (with ZyMax 65, 67 or 70); Pro : 28-36 (with ZyMax 70)