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Ion Cannon PS Castagnet

[ customized for Mathieu Castagnet world top 25 ]

  • Overview

    Top 10 tour player Mathieu Castagnet (France) has rocketed up the rankings with his personal choice – the Cannon PS with Ashaway SuperNick ZX. This racquet is quite stiff and very powerful, and slightly lighter than its predecessor the chromed Cannon PS. The new Castagnet version features these technologies:

    • Power Surge shaft inserts to the sides of the shaft which drives the power of the swing towards the racquet head while cutting vibration and adding stiffness to the shaft.
    • BK’s Thermal Core technology where the racquet is pressurized with superheated air while it is being cured. This allows for a uniform curing process inside the frame and out, for greater durability and a more responsive hit.
    • 16K fibres which is the highest standard of graphite available -16,000 individual strands woven together for more structural strength.

     A racket designed for advanced to professional players.


    • Frame: Power Surge frame, BK’s Thermal Core technology (TC), Nano-Crystalline Technology (NCT), eXtreme Modulus Graphite (XMG), Power of 6, Rad Cushion grip
    • String: SuperNick ZX
    • String Tension: 25-29 lbs
    • Rigidity (RF): 93 stiff
    • AFW: 135g
    • DW: 135
    • Balance: Even
    • Speed: 9.1
    • Power: 9.5
    • Control: 9
    • Area: 500

    As used by Black Knight professional Mathieu Castagnet.