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Crossfire Plus

[ Powerful Playability Softer feel superior spin capability Maximum durability ]

  • Overview

    The  Ashaway Crossfire family of tennis strings features a tough, durable braided Aramid main string combined with a Synthetic Gut cross string

    Mains - Blend of Aramid and PTFE filaments
    Crosses - Synthetic Gut
    Mains - 17 (1.25mm)
    Crosses - 16 (1.30mm)

    Softer Feel
    PTFE filaments in braided Aramid main string produce softer feel to enhance playability of powerful Aramid filaments

    Powerful Playability
    Aramid filaments provide stiff, powerful string bed for heavy top-spin players

    Maximum Durability
    1.25mm braided Aramid / PTFE main strings enhance string abrasion resistance and increase string life

    Available as a hybrid 6m/7m set only