Goode Sport

Ashaway International 500

[ Premium - Grade A Shuttlecock ]

  • Overview


    NOW 40% more durable

    • 1st/A Grade Goose feather shuttlecocks digitally selected for flight and durability. 
    • Natural cork base. 
    • Suitable for use at the highest level. 
    • Twice Tested for accurate flight and speed.
    • Official shuttlecock of BUCS, as used at the BUCS Individual championships for the past 6 years.
    • As used at the Herts Open (BAofE silver)
    • The shuttle of choice for many county teams



    • Suitable for highest level play
    • Digitally selected 1st grade goose feather
    • Reactive glue - softens upon impact
    • Improved version - 40% more durable
    • Available in speeds 77 and 78